Sprout International Holdings Ltd advices and trains clients across the entire agribusiness value chain in addressing a range of strategic, commercial and operational issues. Having gathered sufficient experience and perfecting our operations in Horticulture, we understand the dynamic economics and current logistics of the agribusiness industry, as well as critical issues and challenges facing farmers.

We work with agribusiness industry players which enable us to deliver uniquely rich insights that lead to meaningful change and impact to our clients. Our core areas of focus include:


  • Fruit and Vegetable production for Domestic and Export Market
  • Farm Planning, Management and Traceability Consultancy
  • Good Agricultural Practices in Horticulture
  • Irrigation and Fertilizer use
  • Project Management and new business set-up services
  • Global GAP Consultancy and Training
  • Post Harvest Physiology, Pathology and Handling of Fresh Commodities



Please contact us at info@sproutinternational.co.ke for additional information